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Stopping the next pandemic

Stopping the next pandemic is the new challenge facing the world’s leading scientists. Around the world, their field studies are showing that our health depends on animal and environmental health. We must preserve the environment to prevent future pandemics.


All over the world, fires of unprecedented violence are devouring our forests. Every year, 350 million hectares – six times the size of France – go up in smoke. What measures can we take before our towns and forests are reduced to ashes?


The world’s major coastal megacities are under increasing threat from flooding. Many cities, such as New York, are poorly protected. Others, like Bangkok, have no solution to the threat. A global challenge.


The depths of our oceans are full of munitions that are veritable time bombs under the world’s seas. More than a million tonnes of chemical weapons inherited from the two world wars still threaten us today. How can we put an end once and for all to this heavy legacy of the great conflicts of the 20th century?