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Georama TV Productions invites you to discover a series of documentaries on biodiversity, on climate, on pollution, on man's imprint on the earth.

Documentary investigation into subjects of the future

Crucial investigations for the future of our planet

Georama TV organizes screenings with experts so that the public can participate and interact with the scientists and creative team.

Our films are presented at science, environment and climate festivals around the world.

Our latest productions

Épidemies - Empreintes de l'homme - Français
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Stopping the next pandemic

The human footprint

96 min | 2×52 min

Megafeux - Enquête sur un nouveau fléau - francais
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Investigating a global threath

93 min | 2×52 min

Inondations - Une menace planétaire - francais
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Floods challenging our future

A global threat

93 min | 52 min

Armes chimiques sous la mer - Un cocktail explosif - francais
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Deadly depths

An explosive cocktail

89 min | 52 min

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