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Megafires, an unprecedented environmental crisis

25 June 2024

We are facing an unprecedented environmental crisis. And the time to act is now. Many documentaries are already talking about climate change, the need for global awareness and a change in our behaviour and habits. These documentaries have had an incredible impact around the world, particularly in terms of raising awareness.


Megafires, a committed documentary

Megafires is a documentary that is part of a community engagement strategy. A documentary that seeks to build a global movement of communities ready to face up to devastating fires. A documentary that will have a long-term impact by helping communities to develop the ability and capacity to make decisions and implement eco-responsible solutions. A documentary that encourages behavioural change. A documentary that promotes climate resilience at the local level.


Building climate resilience in the face of devastating fires

Community involvement is essential to combat climate change. Every community is different, every community faces different problems, and every community will develop unique solutions. Megafires goes beyond simply communicating information to communities. Megafires seeks to build the capacity of the communities involved, and to work with those communities to find solutions to one of our greatest challenges: adapting to inevitable climate change. We will do this in three ways: Living with the risks of wildfires, preparing for future wildfires, and minimising the impacts of wildfires.

Our communities must be at the heart of our fight against climate change, a principle on which our project is based. Community involvement leads people to understand the risks they face, to change their behaviour, and to get involved in developing local solutions – local solutions that can inspire global action.


Our approach: educate, mobilise, raise awareness, help, inspire

We want to engage these communities and their diverse inhabitants. We want to mobilise and work with a wide range of partners, at local, regional and national level. We want to strengthen existing formal and informal networks. We want to educate, mobilise, raise awareness, help and inspire. We want to give communities the power to solve their problems, implement solutions and improve their living conditions. We want to unite these communities around a common desire to fight devastating fires.

Nicolas Koutsikas - GeoramaTV

Nicolas Koutsikas est un auteur, réalisateur et producteur de films documentaires basé en France. Il travaille dans ce domaine depuis plus de 30 ans. Avec sa société de production Georama TV, co-fondée en 2007 avec Émeraude Zervoudis, il a une longue expérience des questions environnementales au niveau mondial.

Nicolas Koutsikas - GeoramaTV

Nicolas Koutsikas is a writer, director and producer of documentary films based in France. He has been working in this field for over 30 years. With his production company Georama TV, co-founded in 2007 with Émeraude Zervoudis, he has extensive experience of environmental issues worldwide.